White Star Memories have assembled an amazing assortment of items large and small. It is a collector's dream! The rare and wonderful items are a marvel and a true insight into the Golden Age of ocean travel and of course particularly that of the White Star Line. Uniquely, they are available for all to see, enjoy, learn from and have been preserved for future generations.

It is a large undertaking and together with this collection, they are keeping the history alive. It is an honour to be able to assist from time to time and I look forward to future endeavours.
Daniel Klistoner, Historian on the Olympic Class Ships

White Star Memories is much more than the owner of the largest-known collection of Olympic artifacts and fittings. David and John are superb fellows who are extremely dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable about the history of the White Star Line. Each exhibit they put together is more impressive and more extensive than the last, as they continue to add rare and priceless artefacts to their collection. I am proud to recommend the work that John and David do in the highest possible way and to count them both as friends.
Brian Hawley, Owner of Luxury Liner Row

I have the opportunity to collaborate with White Star Memories in some aspects of Nomadic's preservation and restoration. I am impressed by their expertise, devotion, professionalism and contagious enthusiasm. The opening of Nomadic to the public in April 2007 was a real success thanks to John White, David Beddard and their team. The White Star Memories' collection is simply impressive and covers so many aspects of life on board White Star Liners. White Star Memories' exhibitions really capture the White Star Line spirit and truly captivates visitors' minds. I can imagine the load of work required to achieve such a top level exhibition and I can only say bravo and keep up the good work!
Philippe Delaunoy, Nomadic Historian and Researcher

White Star Memories is an unrivalled exhibition of Titanic and White Star Line artefacts and memorabilia. John White has put together a collection that is second to none, evoking not just the Titanic but her entire era. There is a thrill-and sometimes a chill-that comes with knowing that what you are seeing is 'the real thing.' The White Star Memories exhibition is exciting and thought-provoking at the same time. Whatever you do, don't miss it!
Daniel Allen Butler, Titanic Historian and Author 'Unsinkable'

The preservation of historical artefacts is absolutely necessary in my opinion. In as much as the people of today can experience these artefacts and get a sense of what it was like to experience the great Ocean Liners within the past century, it is more important to me that the generations to come can also experience these glimpses of the past in another hundred or more years.

Just as it is awe inspiring to walk through an 11th century church, or view the holed uniform of Admiral Nelson, it is also wonderful that people interested in maritime history get to experience those items pertinent to Titanic and the White star Line. For this I compliment White Star Memories in their venture to create, and display, artefacts from the White Star Line and those great ships that have long passed with the generations that have preceded us.

They have searched for and found items that would otherwise have been lost to a private collector, and perhaps not seen by the public again. I wish White Star Memories the best, and hope that they continue their work. They are doing a public service in keeping the story of Titanic and her creators alive for the education of the general public for now and the years to come.
Bruce Beveridge, Titanic Historian, Co-Author 'Titanic : The Ship Magnificent'

Over the years, White Star Memories have gathered a magnificent collection of Titanic related artefacts, which has become a must see exhibition. I am glad to support John White in his endeavours.
Stephen Cameron, Author 'Titanic Belfast's Own'

John and David are superb exhibition organisers and are historians on their own right and their unique private collections enhance their ability to put on incredible displays of historic artefacts.
Stuart Williamson, Maritime Artist

White Star Memories have a very impressive collection of material and information. That is why your generosity is so welcome, and the work John and David are doing is so valuable. Everyone learns so much more when there is such a free exchange of information.
Mark Chirnside, Historian and Author 'The Olympic Class Ships'

White Star Memories is more than just a collection. It is a labour of love and a life time of work of John White and David Scott Beddard. In my having known these two gentlemen for some two years now, I have seen the care and detail that goes into their exhibits and I can assure you that you are in for a rare treat of some of the finest and rarest objects to have ever been gathered from the past great ships of the White Star Line.

In viewing the exhibits of Messrs. White and Beddard you feel like you are not only gazing on some of the finest craftsmanship in silver, bronze, crystal and china, but looking into a long buried time capsule of the past. For those of you who have not seen what these gentlemen can accomplish then I would strongly urge you to contact either John or David and get them to show you what they can do. I had first hand experience of their skills when their collection was shown on board the SS Nomadic.

The displays are top shelf and first rate and the way they are presented is a blessing for the eye without being to technical or high brow. I can tell you that they are committed and dedicated to the task at hand. In viewing this website and the collections of White Star Memories, one cannot get enough and only hopes more will come in the future. So boys, give yourselves a pat on the back, as the site is again first rate and can only get better. The site is fantastic!
David Rubin, Los Angeles, Co-Founder RMS Queen Mary Foundation

As a collector of Olympic-class fittings and artefacts myself, I appreciate and applaud what John and David are doing here. It is so vitally important that these rare pieces of maritime history be preserved, and we are fortunate to have two such worthy gentlemen as stewards of such a fine collection. Particularly gratifying and exciting is their noble work toward the restoration of Nomadic. Bravo! Congratulations on all your endeavours and best of luck.
Ken Marschall, Leading Historian and Authority on Titanic, Maritime Artist and Author 'Titanic : An Illustrated History'


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