Opened to huge acclaim in February 2014, the Moscow Titanic exhibition is the first of a collaboration between WSM and 'Imagine Exhibitions', who are now the world's largest exhibition company with over 20 shows currently running globally, including :-

• Da Vinci - The Exhibition
• Ice Age
• Living Dinosaurs
• Angry Birds Universe
• Engineering Earth

(plus many more, check them out at

This is the first ever Titanic exhibition to be staged in the Russian Federation and is proving to be a huge success, its anticipated run of 6 months has already been extended to February 2015.

Over 350 original artefacts are on display in what is now universally accepted as the largest-ever titanic exhibition to be staged worldwide. This stunning walk-through display includes a full-size, authentic reproduction of Titanic's iconic 'Grand Staircase', 1st class corridor, a parlour suite, 3rd class cabin, the Promenade Deck and even the boiler room, complete with the smells of coal dust & grease!

There is even a walkover glass floor covering an artificial seabed, scattered with broken china & debris. Make sure you plan your visit to Moscow soon to ensure you don't miss it!



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