Royal Crown Derby Exhibition


An exhibition by Royal Crown Derby in association with White Star Memories took place in the first half of 2011. It was the centenary of the launch of Titanic and Royal Crown Derby commemorated this event by reproducing the china pattern originally ordered in 1911.

Hundreds of incredible artefacts from the Titanic and her sister ship Olympic, were sympathetically displayed in various settings including a 1st class cabin and the fabulous 'a la carte' restaurant. On dislplay were original items such as china, silverware, crystal and furniture.

The exhibition featured the Royal Crown Derby Titanic archive displaying the correspondence with the ship's chandlers, Stonier and Co of Liverpool, the original pattern and advertising booklet which had never before been shown in public.

White Star Memories favourites included many of the original costumes worn in James Cameron's epic 'Titanic' by stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Billy Zane - alongside genuine White Star Line period uniform.

Other displays showed prints and paintings by renowned maritime artist Stuart Williamson as well as incredibly rare and unique documentation, letters and postcards from the Titanic herself.

Lucky visitors were also treated to a guided tour of the Royal Crown Derby factory to see how and where the original Titanic china was made as it was 100 years from the date of the exhibition.

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