David Scott Beddard - Chief Operating Officer


DSB1Affectionately known as DSB, David Scott-Beddard's huge personal archive of White Star Line artefacts is incredibly diverse and widely acknowledged as one of the finest in the world.

David studied music in Birmingham and is an accomplished violin and guitar player. However, his career path took him into retailing & management and he has worked for many of the world's high-profile motor manufacturers.

DSB's love of sports saw him play rugby, squash and golf. He was also a county standard middle-distance runner and competed in dozens of half and full marathons. A qualified scuba diver, he now prefers the deep waters and wreck-diving, "something I have now infected David Lawrence with" he says.

The two loves of his life are his daughter Charlotte and his beloved cat, Lily.

David's father and grandfathers worked in the coal mines of East Northumberland, a tough environment, but one that helped him develop a strength of character that those who know him appreciate. A friend of John White for many years, they have formed a unique partnership and by combining their collections, have truly made White Star Memories exhibition the largest and finest in Europe. Although DSB's passion, vision and commitment has helped drive WSM forward, he openly admits that he "drives John completely mad" with his levels of perfection and attention to detail.

A renowned Titanic historian, David lectures regularly around Britain. In 2006, following the successful campaign to save Titanic's tender, SS Nomadic, David was recruited by the Nomadic Charitable Trust as Project Manager and was responsible for her opening to the public in Belfast, where she attracted over 18,000 visitors in just 6 months; ably accompanied by the White Star Memories exhibition!

Also known for his peculiar sense of humour, when asked about his defining moment at White Star Memories he said, "don't mention the Filet of Fish!"


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